Why choose Robarge Collision as your auto body repair specialist?

These testimonials are just a few examples of why you should choose Robarge Collision for your auto body repair needs!
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At Robarge Collision we have built our business on Exceptional Care, Collision Repair and are proud to have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in our industry, 98.7%. We offer our “Gee that’s fast!” service featuring a 10 minute vehicle drop off and a shorter shop time than the national average. We offer over 60 years of combined experience and a lifetime written warranty on all work performed.

We are family owned and operated which means you can have your questions answered and your concerns addressed not by a manager but by the owner who can make on the spot decisions. We are determined that when you walk through our doors you have a positive experience and when the work is done you are completely satisfied.

Why Collision Repair?

Over the years, driving safety measures like anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control have been instigated to help prevent collision in the case of a car accident. Unfortunately, drivers still make mistakes and cars often underperform, making auto collisions a common enough occurrence to warrant repair shops dedicated to that purpose.

When choosing a auto collision repair shop, it is important to find one in Spanish Fork, Utah with either ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) or I-Car (Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair) certification. These organizations train and certify mechanics to be proficient and capable in the car accident repair process. Estimates may vary across shops, but make sure to ask questions and verify that the estimate represents all of the labor and parts associated with the auto repair, especially if you find that the estimates vary dramatically. In addition, most auto repair shops offer towing services and access to rental cars, so you do not have to feel stranded in the event of an accident. Even though we're based in Spanish Fork, we can help you get to or from where you need to be.

There are two types of damage as a result of a collision: direct and secondary. Direct auto damage is the visible crushing of the portion of the vehicle hit in the collision. Parts may need to be replaced and the structure and frame may neeed to be brought back into line with factory standards. Secondary damage is the shock or jarring of another part of the vehicle as a result of the auto collision. The safety components and design may need to be restored. A comprehensive inspection by a mechanic will reveal the level of damage associated with each type.

The most visible part of the car, the surface or auto body, can be treated in different ways. Auto Body repair can be as superficial as using body filler to patch up slight surface faults or as in depth as bending the metal structure back into place. Other surface damage may include scrapes in the paint and finish. Some vehicles just need a spot paint job to fix a scratch or a dent, while others may need a thorough refinishing in order to remove the cracks that would show through with only a single coat of paint.

Robarge Collision strives to be the best auto body repair service, not just in Spanish Fork, but the entire state of Utah!

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