40416364_MIt seems like every time people get in your car, they’re telling you how to drive. They’re always sitting there in the backseat or the passenger’s seat, gripping the safety handle and telling you to “watch out!” Yes, it can be annoying, but have you ever stopped to consider that they may have a point?

If you want to quiet the backseat drivers, try to avoid these bad driving habits:

Tailgating. It isn’t just terrifying for your passengers and annoying for the driver in front of you. Tailgating is extremely dangerous. You never know when the driver in front of you will have to abruptly apply the brakes. Between your reaction time and the time it takes your car to actually stop, you are just an accident waiting to happen. And remember that you will most likely be cited for following too closely.

Speeding. You may think of the speed limit as a pesky nuisance just to slow you down. It may be slowing you down. But it’s also there to encourage safer driving and keep people, including you, safe. Try leaving a little earlier next time.

Distracted driving. Think you can drive and text, talk on the phone, change radio stations, look up directions, or chat with the people in the backseat? Just don’t. If you have other people in the car with you, let them be in charge of those distractions. They’ll be too busy to tell you how to drive. And they won’t need to because you’ll be focused on driving.

Singing. True… sometimes you just have to sing along with the radio. But there’s a big difference between humming along with the tune or just softly singing along with the words and belting out the lyrics while you really get into the song with eyes closed, body swaying and foot to the floor. Careful! You are more likely to speed when you have your favorite music turned up.

If you want people to stop telling you how to drive, then stop for a minute and inventory your worst — and best — driving habits. Now it’s time to be the great driver you really are.