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You know how important health insurance is. So receiving a cancellation letter (sometimes called a “non-renewal notice”) from your insurance company is scary! But, there is no need to panic. Read on to see what you can do in this situation:

See if the letter was sent in error

It’s possible the cancellation letter was sent by mistake. Contact your insurance company to see if that is the case. Even if that is not the case:

Know that you have time

Insurers rarely send cancellation letters that immediately revoke your coverage. The cancellation letter should state exactly when your coverage will end – likely anywhere between 30 and 180 days from the letter’s date. That gives you time to secure new insurance without any coverage gaps.

Check if a new plan is offered

If your coverage is be cancelled because the insurer is no longer offering that plan to the public, the insurer may have another plan option available to you. Often, with a cancellation letter you’ll receive the insurer’s suggestion regarding its most comparable plan. Before you decide whether to accept their suggestion, contact an expert who can help you compare coverage and understand what options are available to you. Lewerglobal is happy to assist you with this. Contact us at (800) 821-7711.