Autumnal travel conceptLet’s be honest here. We could all benefit from a world in which everyone was a little bit kinder to one another. Which brings us to the topic of road rage. So much of it exists nowadays, that it’s pretty scary out there for everyday drivers. However, being a calm and kind driver can improve safety with a number of positive actions.

For starters, obey the traffic rules. The rules are in place to keep all of us safe. Breaking them can result in tickets and fines, losing your license or even jail time. Some people who break traffic laws may lack knowledge and skill as a driver. But many others break laws deliberately, which puts people’s safety in jeopardy.

In order to obtain the Zen-like state of a careful and courteous driver, you need to consider the safety of everyone on the roads. A courteous driver is able to cooperate with other drivers so that you all arrive at your desired destinations without any incidents.

Be predictable. Other drivers should be able to guess when you’re likely to change lanes. But they shouldn’t need to have mind-reading powers. You have handy turn signals to indicate lane changes and turns. Using them consistently makes you a safe and predictable driver.

Think ahead. Defensive and courteous drivers are able to see dangerous situations before they occur. Devote all your attention to operating the vehicle and to the surrounding traffic. Look ahead and around to anticipate, scanning the road and roadsides. In a way, this lets you see into the future, and prevent possible problems. Make a note of pedestrians, bikers, and animals so you can stay one step ahead of them.

Consider your state-of-mind. You can make a personal judgment if you’re fit to drive in your current mindset. Take note, feeling stressed or having strong emotions can make operating a vehicle unsafe. And being under the influence of alcohol or some medications can be very dangerous, driving should be avoided during this time.

It can be easy to get frustrated behind the wheel. But take strides to being a more courteous driver. You can make the road a little safer.