40575289_M (2)Are you and your family ready for some summer fun? There’s nothing more refreshing than an afternoon dip in the family pool. Before you start changing into your bathing suit, you should check to see if you have adequate homeowners insurance to cover any liability risks associated with owning a pool or hot tub.

If you don’t have the proper liability coverage, you could be exposed if someone is trespassing on your property and falls into a pool or hot tub and receives an injury. That’s right—even if they weren’t supposed to be there in the first place, you may still be liable.

Most homeowners policies do not exclude coverage for pools or hot tubs, so you are likely covered for any accidents that occur. However, you should disclose the fact that you have a pool or hot tub when purchasing a homeowners policy to make sure you have liability limits that are high enough to cover any accidents. Remember, liability coverage only covers bodily injury accidents in a pool or hot tub to any guests or non-residents of your household.

Also, most homeowners policies don’t automatically cover any damage that can happen to a pool or hot tub unless you ask for this coverage to be written specifically into the policy. The policy can then be endorsed to include physical damage coverage to a pool or hot tub.

If you think that you may need more liability coverage than what is available through your homeowners insurance policy, you can always purchase an umbrella liability policy for extra protection. Your insurance premium may be higher if you have a pool, but the extra protection and peace of mind may be worth the cost. Contact us any time you are ready to review your homeowners coverage and we will make sure you have the proper protection so you can relax and enjoy some summer fun! https://www.robargecollision.com