23171227 - female cyclist in bicycle lane on busy streetBikes are on our roads to stay. Whether you consider them a nuisance or appreciate this fact with a smile, no one wants to be part of a scuffle between a car and a bike.

  • On our roads, bikes are actually considered vehicles. This means that traffic laws apply to them too. We’ve all seen cyclists blowing through stop signs, as though it didn’t apply to them. But we’ve also heard motorists complain that people on bikes ought to use the sidewalk. So, both parties need to remember the fact that everyone must observe the same laws while on the roads together.
  • When there’s a collision between a bike and a car, the car is always going to win. Bikes are way too small and light. So as the driver of a car, be thinking of that fact. And be sure to give bike riders plenty of room, whether it’s a residential street or a main roadway.
  • Avoiding distractions while operating a vehicle is hugely important. Pay attention to all obstacles and give driving and biking your full focus.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of a cyclist the next time you shake your fist at one. Chances are you have friends who enjoy cycling, so imagine one of them on that bike instead of a stranger. This helps motorists identify better with the root of their frustration. Also, remember bikes on the road reduce the number of cars on your streets, so that’s a plus.

Remember bikes are considered vehicles as well. So play it safe and practice a little patience next time you have to share the road.