46270542 - confused young man in the car stopped by policemanAre you looking for a close encounter with a cop? Probably not! Obviously, there are lots of ways to get the attention of the police, but there are some things that they specifically look for on the roads. Check out this list of the top reasons cops pull drivers over.

  • Speeding is consistently the number one reason for a police stop. Not only is it the most common, but it’s pretty easy to spot. Speed limits have gone up, and drivers have continued to push past these limits. But the speed limits on city streets are there for keeping you and others safe. The faster you’re going, the less time you’ll have to react to an unexpected incident, like a pedestrian walking in front of you. Officers generally say that they allow people to pass by, going 5 or 6 mph over the speed limit. But this isn’t a hard and fast rule, and it is at their discretion. Some might pull you over for less, so be aware of your speed at all times.
  • Hazardous driving will frequently get you pulled over. Some behaviors that fall into this category are failing to stop at red lights or stop signs and illegal turns. You’ll attract attention from the police most definitely if you like to apply makeup, change clothes or shave while weaving in and out of traffic. So make operating the vehicle your one and only priority when behind the wheel.
  • Cell phone use can get you into a lot of trouble. A few states have banned driving and talking on the phone completely. Others have banned hand-held phones in certain instances. And most states have now banned texting while operating a vehicle. Police are trained to spot people weaving around, varying their speed, all while looking down at their laps. Using a cell phone at all can be distracting. Texting while driving can be deadly.

Offenders often reason that they are capable of handling their car in such conditions and situations. If you are guilty of one these violations, it may be time to think twice before you find yourself close up with an officer.