43596066 - hand and car wheel add air pressureIf you’re going to be on the road, it’s best to practice safety. Because let’s face it, there may be bumps out there, and it’s better to be prepared for anything. Putting together a safety kit is a good way to ready yourself or your teen driver.

There are a few things that may come to mind immediately: jumper cables, a first aid kit, and a seat belt cutter. But you also want to include something that can break auto glass (some seat belt cutters have this included). Other important items include: reflective warning triangles (preferably 3), a car jack, a fire extinguisher and a tire gauge. But it’s not all about handy tools. There are other important essentials that your car should always be packing.

You should be equipped with a charged cellphone, non-perishable food items, and drinking water. Duct tape and a tow strap can also be helpful. Be prepared for anything by also storing a blanket. You may even want hand warmers or a blanket for worst case scenarios. If you’re in an area that gets snow and/or ice, add cat litter, a portable snow shovel and a windshield scraper to your emergency stash.

These are all handy things to keep in your car that can prepare you for anything. Having a roadside emergency membership can also be a reassurance and help in time of need.

Be sure to pack your kit as soon as possible, so you can be prepared if you hit a “bump in the road.”