60368657 - close-up of a male worker cleaning seat inside the carSo you’re spring cleaning your house, closets, garage and even your yard. What about your car? That faithful vehicle got you through the rain and snow of winter and deserves a little TLC. It’s time to give your car some love!

Get in there and clean out all the nooks and crannies. Don’t miss the stale french fries and little crumbs that fell under the seats. You may find your lost pen or that favorite trinket you thought was gone forever. You may even find enough spare change to buy a drink when you’re done. Ah, the perks! Next step: vacuum to your heart’s content.

Remember to wash your floor mats. With all the mud and grime that gets tracked in over the winter, we’re awfully grateful for those mats, and now’s the time to get them clean.

If your car has leather interior, give it the VIP treatment with some leather conditioner. Changes in temperature and harsh sunlight can cause leather seats to crack and dry out over time. Restore them to their former beauty with a deep conditioning treatment.

If you haven’t already, it’s also time to swap out your winter tires for some good summer ones. Keep those winter tires stored safely away so they’re in good shape for next year.

Change your windshield wipers and refill the fluids. You may want to check your filters to see if they need to be replaced.

Once you’ve washed off the grime of winter and shined up your ride, you’re ready to hit the road and never look back! A clean car is a happy car! Here’s to long summer cruises and future road trips.