Fuzzy dice, graduation tassels, air fresheners and the solitary cross once were staples of the rear-view-mirror decoration crowd, but their time seems to have passed. These days those who can’t stop themselves from decorating the rear view have myriad choices.

fuzzy red dice

Who knew there was a massive cottage industry here of rear-view mirror decorations including dream catchers, spiritual charms, Himalayan salt crystals, Bible verses, photo frames and anything else the crafty folks on Etsy and Pinterest can dream up? A recent search on Etsy returned almost 12,000 results.

There are commercial items of mass appeal such as miniature versions of your favorite sports team’s emblem or a tiny Captain America shield. But there are also far more personal mementos such as religious symbols with personal messages or reminders engraved. (Hopefully, they’re reading these things before they turn the car on and not when they’re looking to change lanes). There is the bullet on a chain for the tough guy in your life, and the Origami peace crane for someone a little less brazen.

Maybe you’re less artsy and more functional and use it to hang a pair of sunglasses when you’re not using them.

There isn’t a lot of data available on whether items hanging from a rear view mirror contribute to accidents, but common sense says it probably happens. In some cases, they might obstruct a driver’s view, too. Those are just things to keep in mind before going too wild with whatever personalization you might dream up. Come to think of it, those fuzzy dice were kind of a nightmare to someone concerned with safety.

While it’s good to heed warnings about safety, there probably isn’t anything too concerning with decorating your rear view mirror, especially if your choice is small and doesn’t move much.