37175578 - man with mobile distracted and driving your carDriving is a privilege, not a right. Sometimes we get lax about certain safety precautions and need a reminder of why they exist in the first place. That said, here are 4 truths about driving we should all take to heart:

1. Distracted driving is selfish (and risky). Do you think it’s considerate of other drivers to multitask? Truth is, your inattention could get somebody hurt. Put the phone down and keep eyes on the road.

2. Putting off a repair will cost you more in the end. The longer you let a problem go unintended, no matter how small, the worse it will get. So keep current with preventative maintenance and inquire about warranty coverage if you suspect you’re eligible.

3. Taking poor care of your car is inconsiderate. Having an unsafe car doesn’t only affect you — it can pose a threat to other drivers on the road. At worst, it can even affect the environment if you have any fluid leakage or emissions issues. Some states have laws on the books imposing fines on such oversights.

4. Your kids are watching, Kids often learn behaviors from their parents, their first teachers. How do you drive? Do you exhibit distracted driving patterns, or are you attentive? Set a good example so your kids will have something to aspire to.

Which one of these habits could you work on this week?