TddIQCFC-r9lJxgisbZ6DC9dh1EXCj58igLife Insurance is something we need at all ages and stages of life. Life insurance can provide so much more than just peace of mind for those you leave behind.

For a newborn baby, a life insurance policy can be the source of savings for her first car or his first house. Those who are young and newly married need life insurance to ensure you have it when you need it. The cost is extremely affordable, oftentimes less than you are spending on coffee.

Folks at my age and stage in life need life insurance. And no, I am not telling you how old I am. If either Bob or I passed tomorrow, we would want the other to be able to choose whether to work or not. We would want the other to be able to be picky before rushing into a marriage due to financial need. Seriously, that was a consideration for us! I simply cannot imagine how difficult it would be if I lost Bob. I certainly wouldn’t want to face the unthinkable and financial ruin at the same time!

The older set, yes, you need life insurance too! Your passing should not become a financial burden to your spouse or your kids. There are policies for just about anyone regardless of your health.

You can be afraid of the answer and never ask it, or you can call our office and schedule a time to come in and look at the options available to you. Trust me, you are not invincible.

We are happy to meet evenings and weekends if necessary. This is a big deal! Your family is worth it.

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